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Sword Art With Traps


I was sort of wishing for this trio to all wear that same pompadour that the farthest guy sports on his head, but then it actually would have downplayed how ridiculous they actually look. Because pompadours are indicators for revolutions in a convoluted society drawn of conspiracies and demons influenced by jelly-infused doughnuts.

And, oh lordy. Kirito-KUN really got to show off his MANliness while carefully examining HIS outward appearance. I knew it was coming, but it seems they also asked Kirito’s seiyuu to sound more feminine. We just might have another comrade for the Fukuyama Jun and Kamiya Hiroshi, two seiyuu who have the ability to voice female characters. Even if it’s actually not that hard to hear the straining of male voices trying to hit the female voice registers and tonality, you’ve gotta applaud these guys. Welcome to the circle, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu. It’s hilarious to witness Kirito resort to imitating female verbal mannerisms and gestures to play right into the mechanics of being a trap. The benefits of hanging around lots of women, I guess. Almost felt like he was trying to combine Silica’s movements with Asuna’s dialogue.

I really hope they play off of the trap version of Kirito. It’ll be the first obstacle we get to watch him overcome during the airtime of the show, instead of being force fed another story that he had a father/mother/cousin that dolled him up pretty at some point because reasons. Anything, please. Kirito needs some hardship.

Seriously. 3 episodes for Shinon’s introduction, and 1 for Kirito. Come on A-1 Pictures, get a little creative. I hope the next one shows us Kirito needing training wheels for a bit. If it were me, I would have spent more time on showing Kirito awkwardly handling a gun. That was the first hint of him developing a brand new skill instead of having one convenient plus, one after another. In fact, spend a few episodes with him trying to deal with it. We know he’s going to off-hand the gun, give him a D&D-esque penalty. Have him fighting while needing to pull off that one clincher shot that fails. It’s important to have him develop character while we’re actually watching him. Stop with the “Oh, right. I have skills.” routine.

Also: Sword Art Online uses Thunderbird Tension Technique on audience! It’s mildly affectionate.

I couldn’t help but facepalm during the meta-game status quo exposition. Oh well. I suppose this is for those in total game-mechanics blackout?

Shinon is voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki. I suppose I’ll cut the show some slack. (Yes, I know everyone spells it Sinon.)



Snappy Hands, Almost Caress (Mahouka)


I thought Tatsuya was going to use the powers of creepiness and rub the guy’s face. Which probably would have made the rest of the series turn into a show about Ichijo’s elevated obsession with Tatsuya. Makes me wonder if that short-lived vibe was intentional, because there’s plenty of ways to reconfigure and redirect this scene to be less.. fabulous. But we all know everyone enjoys such shows. Just remember Star Driver. Or don’t. Because sometimes people can’t handle the kiraboshi.

I’m behind on the Mahouka blogging lately, with which I’ve started to wonder why it’s ended up being the show for me to regularly write about. Perhaps, sometimes I just want to write about a show that’s a bit more flawed, flashy, and fabulous, than a show that seems to hit more nails into the planks of stability and quality. Consider it a contrast to shows that take a serious effort towards storytelling, pacing, and very controlled swells of emotions. Mahouka is like that strange corner shop with that weird tasting soda pop and two arcade machine with dilapidated joysticks, iffy button response, and a Start Game button who’s label text is ghost of its original print, pigments lost to millions of hands slamming their anger into repeating the hallway of death that was 90s arcade goodness.

I’m waxing nostalgia while writing about a show that’s in the future. Yep. I’m late one episode, so I’ll probably end up combining the next two.

For a while, I thought this season was going to contain three trap anime (e.g. Love Stage!!, Himegoto, and Sword Art Online S2). Then I remembered that Love Stage!!’s trap phase is already over, since it covered the (or uncovered, depending on you-might-know-what) commercial plot bit.


Legato of the White Iron


I have a déjà vu feeling that I’ve done this screencap before, despite having zero entries on Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Dat aft. Kirishima will never leave my heart, nor my hard drives.

I’m slightly late to the party again. This was announced a month ago. But hell yes, to more Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Slated for 2015 are two movies — one being a recap, and the other being brand new material. I highly enjoyed the show. A surprising amount of the show’s action was about tactics, positioning, and timing. I’m also deeply saddened that there isn’t that much Kirishima fan art. There’s plenty of the KanColle version. In a way, this post is a warm up to the upcoming Kantai Collection anime. I’m assuming there’s going to be a flood of shipping jokes once KanColle airs this year. へへへー.

I don’t know what happened, but I’ve been binging (gerund of binge, not on FFxiv lately. Patch 2.3 made me quite happy, despite Naul. Fucking Naul. Bastard needs to be a fate with scaling HP for the amount of people trying to camp him for allied seals. It’s honestly a bit short sighted by the devs. They wanted smaller bands of people to hunt these guys down, not entire armies to whoop Hunt targets in less than a minute.

Oh well, at least we got FC private quarters. Not quite personal housing, but it’s nice.


Defusing the Summer Season via Water


So, yeah. Even though there’s plenty of anime this summer of 2014 to whet your appetite, and none of your apatite, your Free! has arrived with 100% Kyoto Animation, which includes Choice Select Cuts of Man Candy and Faggotry to balance out all of the angst, lolis, action, and moé. However, as we all look upon the upcoming anime season with glee, the above screencap tells the future. There will be times where we can either bask in the glory as Gou does, facepalm with Makoto does, smile and enjoy as a carefree Nagisa, or simply sigh and bow our heads in disappointment as Rei does.

I’ve already been able to do all four. No, I don’t mean the characters. That would just be wrong. Although, a Gou is fine. But only her.

I didn’t mention Haruka because he’s already naked and ready to swim. If you’re like that already for the upcoming season, well, have at it. Most likely you’ll end up like Haruka. Naked, and already going to watch every show this season. Hats off to you.

And take off your hat, before you swim. Unless it’s a swimming hat.

Are there swimming hats?

Oh, and if you’re at none of the previously mentioned states of readiness, you’re probably just as surprised as these people that new anime is already airing. Ready your butts. The hurt is a comin’.

I have a feeling that I’m going to miss out on watching anime this season too, because I’ve been addicted to the game Banished. I love me a good city builder. (Alternate link.)


Seven Day Comrade


It was really hard trying to find a relatively dynamic screenshot for Isshuukan Friends, so have a shot with the main character in the smallest screen space possible.

I’m happy there’s now a recent anime about anterograde amnesia, rather than retrograde. The last I can remember a character suffered anterograde was in Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. Retrograde is almost always utilized. It is miles more convenient for plot, allowing for the victim’s past to be revealed at any desired pace. During a science feature and documentary watching binge I did a couple of years ago, it included a feature on science via incredible survivors of relatively rare events that would have otherwise incapacitated most people. Clive Wearing is a man whose memory spans from seven to thirty seconds before it is wiped to its starting point. You could ask him a question, he would start answering it, and forget the question halfway. It feels like pity may become a theme of this show.

Fiction that features anterograde memory tends to bring along a Can of Sadness. Stories about the condition commonly cite that victims’ family or friends who must deal with it, feel stressed out to know that a loved one may continue to have the inability to permanently remember new experiences in their life. I can’t imagine how it feels over time. They will grow old, and have this gap of time in their memory. All you remember are things before the “bump” in memory. In the worst case, you’d have both anterograde and retrograde. There would be a part of memory that only ever knows a fraction of life. Sad stuff. I just wonder if the show will focus on the lighter side of the setup, rather than the downsides of having anterograde amnesia.

I most likely will not dedicate my watching time to this show. The first episode did not feel compelling enough. The high school setting isn’t helping, but there’s been plenty of evidence that doesn’t stop an anime from being good. It’s just a lot easier to gain sympathy from most viewers because of this setting. At least, that’s how I see it.

Seven Day Comrade sounds like a movie I’d watch. A badass Russian befriends the main character, only to have the past catch up to him. Who must sacrifice themselves for the other? Who will do it first? Or is anything ever what it seems? DUN-dun-dunnnnnn!